Our Core Values

Integrity is at our foundation. We will always honor our commitments and keep our word. We work with honesty, fairness and are accountable for our actions.

Quality work will support continued success. We recognize the high standards of our clients and so do our employees. We demand that our projects match the high expectations of our clients. Our quality of work will set us apart in the construction industry.

Value is achieved through our proven ability to complete high-quality projects on time and on budget.

Collaboration through listening and communicate as a synergetic partner.

Success will be achieved by practicing our values and working as a team with our clients.


About Solar 101

1) Solar Panels

Solar cells are combined into panels, this includes a frame and electrical connections. These panels are installed on your roof (or in some cases on the ground) they collect the electricity from the sunlight.

2) The Inverter or Microinverters

The electrical device that converts direct current (DC) electricity collected from sunlight into alternating current (AC) electricity which can be used in your home.

3) Wiring

To prevent insufficient power transfer, we select wires that can handle the output from your system. We wiring from your panels to your net meter.

4) A Net Meter

An electricity meter that spins forward and backwards, it can track the electricity that your solar system puts into the power grid, and how much it has pulled from the grid.