By now, you should know that embracing alternative energy sources like solar power is a great way to reduce your utility bills, improve the environment, and even stimulate your local economy. While the benefits of solar panels are obvious, the benefits of their related products, like solar batteries, might be less so.

Join Gardner Energy as we outline some of the best reasons to invest in a solar battery!

You Can Offset the Costs

For some, the prospect of spending more money after they’ve invested in solar panels might be a little difficult to accept. However, the cost of investing in a solar battery has dropped significantly in recent years. This is thanks to the rise in manufacturers of these products, their improving quality, and the tax incentives that the state and the federal government has to offer. The same tax credits you can use on your solar panels can be used on your solar battery.

You’ll Never Run Short On Power

One of the most common criticisms of solar power systems is that they don’t provide your home with energy on cloudy days or at night. While this isn’t exactly true, you can put those fears to rest entirely with a solar battery. These batteries store energy, creating a reserve that can keep your house running smoothly even in the gray days of winter.

You Can Liberate Yourself From the Grid

For some, building a solar-powered home is the first step toward total energy independence. Part of that process is getting off of your local utility company’s power grid. When paired with a solar power system, a solar battery allows you to create and store all of the energy you might need throughout the year. You can work with a solar panel installation company, like Gardner Energy, to create a custom solar energy storage solution to meet all of your energy needs!

A solar battery also insulates you from the issues that some power companies experience. If the power goes out, then your neighbors still on the grid will have to live without power for a while. You, on the other hand, will continue to have a ready source of electricity.

A Battery Improves Your Energy Independence

Even if you don’t want to go completely off the grid, a solar battery is a great way to shift away from relying on the power from your local utility company. By storing any excess solar energy in the batteries, your home can use that energy during peak electricity hours instead of drawing power from the grid. This translates to immediate savings as well as long-term savings.

Similarly, if you’re still connected to the grid and your solar power system is producing more electricity than your home can use and your batteries can store, you can actually sell that electricity to the power company!



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