Robert Workman, Morgan, Utah

  • 2 kW grid-tie with battery backup system
  • 10 feet of head
  • 2,000 gpm

The system contains 2-1kW low head vertical hydro turbines each with a capacity for up to 1,000 gpm. A small diversion dam diverts water from the natural channel below East Canyon Dam to a 750’- 15” PVC pipeline. The pipeline discharges into a basin intake structure for the two turbines. Water discharging from the turbines passes over a heat exchanger used to heat and cool the owner’s home before discharging back to the stream. During winter months one of the turbines is shut down due to lack of sufficient water.
The system backs up a critical electrical load panel in the home. In the event of a utility outage the home owner still has power for the critical loads he has selected, which are operated from the battery based inverter system located in his basement.

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