Gardner Energy has established themselves as the leading alternative energy source services company in Utah by providing exceptional customer service, unbeatable pricing, and working with the homes, businesses, and institutions that make Utah the wonderful state it is.

We’ve assembled this portfolio of some of our most impressive solar panel installation projects to show how we can work with nearly any building, be it your home or business. We’re also proud to have partnered with the State of Utah to provide solar panel installation to their institutions, like the Department of Transportation. We have worked with local governments to install alternative energy source systems on libraries and city halls. We were privileged to work with the Department of Defense in installing solar panels on the U.S. Hill Air Force Base in Layton. And, we’ve also worked with Utah State University to help their campus take advantage of alternative energy sources.

Since 2004, our family-owned company has help to install over five megawatts of alternative energy source systems throughout the state. We’re the state’s preferred solar panel installation service provider because of our attention to detail, our flexible pricing options, and because we only use the latest advancements in solar panel and alternative energy technologies. Browse our portfolio to see how our experts can help your home, business, or institution utilize sustainable and renewable energy sources.