Gardner Energy knows solar, we have been doing the right thing for our clients for over 15 years. We are proud to serve our past clients and welcome new clients.

Homeowners or business whose original installer is no longer offering services. Big or small we’re here to help.

Maintenance Subscription Plans

Keep solar production high and bills low with our panel cleaning, and inspection plans.  Solar is a long-term investment, Gardner Energy is here to keep your investment running optimally to maximizing performance and savings.

 Annual 1x Basic | $299 Annual or $25 per/month

  • Professional Panel Cleaning 1x per year
  • Visual Inspection with written report 1x per year
  • Verify Monitoring system is running and connected

  Annual 2x| $549 Annual or $45 per/month

  • Professional Panel Cleaning 2x per year
  • Visual Inspection with written report 2x per year
  • Verify Monitoring system is running and connected

   One-Time Panel Cleaning | $349

  • Professional Panel Cleaning
  • Visual Inspection with written report

*Prices may vary depending on system size and location.

    Off-Grid Maintenance Plans | $ call for quote

  • Professional Panel Cleaning
  • Check Batteries, fill with water as needed
  • Verity system settings
  • Basic generator inspection test cycle
  • Visual Inspection with written report 2x per year
    • Options for 1x or 2x per year -spring/fall   
    • Plans priced individually base on system complexity and location

Service Calls- Residential and Commercial

   Truck roll fee  | $ 125 + 75 per labor hr first 1/2 hr included

  • Trouble shooting
  • Monitoring reconnects
  • Repairs (breakers, wiring issues, etc.)
  • Inverter replacements – aging systems

Critter Guards- Prevent Damage

Prevents uninvited guests that can damage your panels and your system’s wiring. Protects against leave pile up
underneath array that may cause a potential fire hazard.

    Price  | $ 5.50 per liner foot (50 ft min approx. 10 panels)

  • Install coted wire critter guards on perimeter of PV array.
  • Prevents animals and leaf access to the underside of array that   leads to damage of array and wiring and fire hazards.
  • Visual system health check at time of service

Major Component Warranty Work – OEM related claims

If your original installer is no-longer around to help, give us a call. We have relationships with many of the equipment manufactures in the industry and are ready to help with OEM related warranty claims and repairs.  Our service technicians are ready to help!

PV panels | Inverters | Batteries | Other components

Gardner Energy will work with the original manufacture to process the claim and repair the system. If your system is less than 3-5 years old most likely both the labor and OEM replacement is covered 100% under warranty. If not, we have a minimal fee structure set up to get your system back up and running.

Truck roll fee $ 125 + 75 per labor hr first 1/2 hr included

System Upgrades

Have an aging system or a utility bill that isn’t being offset by your current array? It may be time to add-on to your array or upgrade aging components.

Contact us for a system check up and free quote to better meet your energy off-set goals. Tax credits may be available to help offset a portion of the upgrade cost.

  • PV panel add-on’s
  • Inverter upgrades

Free quote and $0 cost system evaluation with a system upgrade purchase

Battery Backup Upgrade

Solar + Energy Storage systems provide battery backup power when the utility power goes down. Keep your family safe, add energy storage to your system for peace of mind and protection against outages.

Battery backup options –

  • Tesla Powerwall
  • Enpahse Encharge
  • Sonnen

Contact us for a FREE battery system evaluation and quote