What is an On-Grid Solar Panel System?

There are a lot of ways to save money on your energy bills. From utilizing energy-efficient appliances to sealing your home, and finally, taking advantage of alternative energy sources. An on-grid solar panel system is one of the best ways to decrease your energy savings and have peace of mind that you will always have the energy that you need to power your life. 

A Grid-Tied Solar System Vs. Off-Grid System

Many believe that when they get a solar panel system that they will be completely cutting off their home or property from the city’s power grid. However, there are more than a few ways to enjoy the benefits of solar power. 

An off-grid solar panel system is the only source that powers your home. 

A grid-tied solar system utilizes the power generated from your home’s solar panels first and can use energy from the grid when your system cannot meet your energy demands due to cloudy weather and extra use. 

Some of the main advantages include: 

  • Utilizing net metering or net billing – receive credits when you create more energy than you can use and enjoy savings when you must draw from the grid.
  • Have peace of mind that you always have energy regardless of how much your solar system has been able to generate.
  • Save money on the installation of your system when you do not need expensive elements such as back-up batteries. 

This type of system provides ample savings and easy use, while requiring low maintenance. However, one disadvantage is that often a great number of solar panels are needed to generate enough excess power to receive energy credits. 

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