Being Completely Self-Sufficient When You Get Off the Grid

When you decide to invest in an off-grid solar panel system, you get to enjoy clean energy, increased savings, and that good feeling of taking care of the planet and being self-sufficient. 

Most off-grid systems include these main components: 

  • Solar charge controller
  • Batter bank
  • DC disconnect
  • off -grid inverter
  • Back-up generator 

The set up of your system will depend on your needs and how solar will be integrated into your current energy system.

Advantages of an Off-Grid System

Most understand that installing a solar panel system will allow them to save money. However, it is important to understand how it can help you save money. A solar panel system can decrease your energy costs due to: 

  • Readily available clean energy
  • No need to connect to the power grid
  • State and federal incentives
  • Lower energy costs

The disadvantages of an off-grid system include the initial cost and the fact that you do not have the grid to fall back on if you experience more cloudy days or increase your energy use. Though these are concerns, speak to a solar power installer at Gardner Energy to learn how a solar panel system can work for you!

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