A pillar of any community is the local emergency services departments. They quickly respond to our worst moments and help to make them better. They’re natural leaders, so it only makes sense that they would always be on the lookout for new ways to be a leader in the community.

Recently, Gardner Energy had the opportunity to partner with the City of Bluffdale in helping two of their fire stations set up a solar panel installation. The project was a rousing success and sets the town for the city’s commitment to renewable energy.

Solar Panel Installations for Bluffdale’s Fire Stations

Bluffdale already works to reduce its carbon footprint and lessen their impact on the environment through a variety of projects. This includes their water conservation programs. It made sense then that they would want to embrace an alternative energy source like solar power for their local institutions.

To make the solar panels a reality for these two fire stations, the city made use of a Blue Sky Grant. Offered by Rocky Mountain Power, the Blue Sky Community Project Fund is a chance for cities and towns to offset the costs of embracing solar technology. In the 13 years since the Blue Sky Grant has been made available, Rocky Mountain Power has worked with solar panel installation firms, like Gardner Energy, to set up more than 120 new community-based renewable energy systems.

The solar panel arrays on Fire Stations No. 1 and No. 92 are expected to save about 40 percent in energy costs.

Track the Solar Energy Production in Real Time

As part of their investment into the community, Bluffdale has made it possible for residents to track the energy production of these new solar arrays.

Gardner Energy uses the Enphase Energy monitoring system to track the utility of their installations. For those curious, you can see these daily reports for Fire Station No. 92 here. This is a great way to see how much energy the panels are collecting and how weather conditions like cloud cover and rain or snow can impact how much energy an array can collect. It’s also a great way for the community to see the benefits of the system.

According to Enphase, Fire Station No. 92’s 141 solar panels should be able to provide more than 58 mWh of power every year. To put those savings into perspective, that amount of power is equivalent to planting 1,121 trees annually or saving 4,685 gallons of gas every year.

Why Gardner Energy

Selected for their experience and expertise, Gardner energy often works with local governments in updating existing buildings and naturally integrating solar panel installation into new buildings. We were honored to work with Rocky Mountain Power and the City of Bluffdale to complete this new project!

See The New Solar Array for Yourself

Don’t have the time to make it to Bluffdale to see the new arrays in person? Not a problem. Bluffdale has released this great video that captures the new array in intricate detail.

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