The city of Ogden puts a high value on community involvement and activism. Residents are more than happy to lend a helping hand wherever they can and help their friends and neighbors lead better lives. That’s why residents decided to help their local homeless shelter by raising funds to provide the mission with a brand-new solar panel system. Gardner Energy was proud to be an integral part of this community project.

Helping A Community Go Solar

The Ogden Rescue mission plays an important part in the Ogden community. The shelter helps the area’s homeless individuals, serving more than 115,000 meals every year. While their services are priceless, this doesn’t preclude them from their share of bills. Recently, a water heater broke, costing the shelter thousands to repair it. Further, the mission faced more than $6,000 in utility bills annually, a figure that tied up money that could be better used to help others.

That’s when Rocky Mountain Power and their Blue Sky customers came together. The group raised funds to help the shelter. The result was an incredible gift; a grant worth $112,275 to install a new solar panel system on top of the shelter. Gardner Energy was more than happy to help in the solar panel installation process. The new solar panel array will help the shelter reduce its energy bills by more than 40 percent.

These solar panels will allow the shelter to put their funds towards programs and services that can better help their homeless patrons, and spend less on utility bills. With money freed from utility bills, the shelter hopes to repair the building, as well as start offering a financial literacy class for their patrons. As Judy Doud, the executive director of the mission, said, “In past years we have often struggled to manage our utility bills… with our [Gardner Energy] installation, we are able to reduce our costs, enabling our generous donations to stretch further — we are thrifty and being able to take advantage of solar energy really helps with that.”

Helping The Environment

While the solar panel installation no doubt saves the mission shelter thousands in energy expenses every year, it also helps the community at large. It’s estimated that the 131 solar panels that have been installed on the shelter can clean the air in Ogden. No longer dependant on fossil fuels, the solar panels take the equivalent of 264 cars off the road. By reducing the need for fossil fuels, residents in Ogden can breathe easy knowing that they’re helping their environment and their fellow residents.

Help Your Community By Going Solar

Now you too can help your community by working with the solar panel installation experts at Gardner Energy. We can help you find the right solar panel system for your home or business, as well as navigate the tax incentives and credits that come along with a new solar array. Contact us today to schedule an estimate and work with Gardner Energy!