7 Reasons to Invest in Solar Panel Installation

When it comes to making New Year’s resolutions, sometimes we create plans that will affect one area of our life and others that will only make a difference in one aspect. All can provide benefits. However, we would like to be so bold as to say that installing solar could be the most worthwhile New Year’s resolution that could really change your life and here’s how. 

It’s a Free, Limitless Source of Energy

Unlike what we pay for from the city or what we pay to receive gas deliveries, solar power is completely free. Yes, installing the system costs money. However, the actual source is free. Unlike installing other energy sources, when you install solar, because it saves you so much money on your energy bill, it can essentially pay for itself. Once that is done, you have free energy for life. What’s more, if you have a grid-tied system, if you have to use some of the city’s energy, you most likely won’t have to pay for it due to credits you’ve earned from solar energy. 

Offers Big Returns

The best investments are often those with a reliable and advantageous return. Installing solar panels is just that. Solar energy not only pays for itself and can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on energy bills. What’s more, the credits you can earn with a grid-tied system can provide savings when you need to draw from the city’s power. 

The returns, however, aren’t just monetary. You can gain peace of mind knowing you are reducing your energy footprint and you can use the money that you would pay for energy bills toward more worthwhile things like a retirement or college fund, traveling, paying off debt, or even giving your kids the best holiday they have ever had. Installing solar panels and solar energy in your home is an investment in your future. 

You Can Go Off the Grid

There are many reasons why you might want to consider an off-grid solar system. Firstly, if you have the option for being connected to the city, you no longer have to deal with the implications of brownouts or blackouts. Secondly, you don’t have to worry about rising prices, fees, or other adjustments to your bill. And lastly, if you live in a remote area, you can save money when you install solar panels versus paying for a connection to public utilities or delivery of gas or similar energy sources. Though a solar system will require occasional maintenance and repair, for the most part, you can live worry-free knowing that you have power no matter what happens. 

Reliable Source of Energy

There is a reason why the saying “as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow,” is another way of discussing absolute certainty. Unlike the weather and other natural phenomena, the sun — since humanity can remember — has risen and set like clockwork. Unlike other energy sources, the sun is a source that you can count on every day. The only variance will depend on the weather and time of year, but due to batteries and energy savings, we can help you create a system you can rely on no matter the weather or time of the year. 

Good For the Environment

Solar energy is better for the environment because it doesn’t release toxic materials into the atmosphere, it doesn’t require the usage of valuable, limited resources, and it doesn’t require manpower and machines to be transported to us for our usage. Yes, the initial creation of solar panels does require manufacturing. However, the carbon footprint is significantly less than that of other sources of power such as coal, gas, and other types of energy. Though we may feel insignificant in comparison to the rest of the world, when we all decide to change that is when worldwide change can occur that can help protect this wonderful planet we all call home. 

Produces More Energy Than The Cost to Make It

Though solar panels and solar systems take energy to create and money to install, they produce more energy than they cost to make. In most cases, the energy cost to create solar panels versus the energy produced by the system is paid back within four years or less. Due to advances in technology, solar panels can truly help use the energy available to us in the most efficient manner.  

Creates More Jobs

The solar industry positively impacts the world in yet another way by creating more jobs. Jobs are created through engineering, manufacturing, education and awareness, logistics and administration, installation, maintenance, and more. Creating more jobs is more important than ever especially following a year like 2020. 

Garder Energy is the expert when it comes to installing solar power in your home and business in Utah. Our certified solar contractors and engineers can help you install grid-tied and off-grid systems that will help to reduce your energy usage while allowing you to enjoy a variety of other benefits. Contact us to learn more about installing solar panels or our maintenance programs.