With the expansion of the solar industry and more and more companies opening their doors, it can be difficult to discern which of these many solar panel companies in Utah is right for you and your needs. Fortunately, picking the right company is easier than it sounds. Rather than endlessly Googling “Utah solar companies,” why not use this handy list of criteria instead?

Are You Working With a Local or National Solar Company?

The first decision you need to make is whether you want to work with a local solar company or a national one. Each has its pros and cons. For instance, working with a national company might save you some money and they might offer a decent warranty on your solar panel installation. However, a local company can save you money in other ways. They’ll be more familiar with local laws, rules, and regulations, as well as incentives and rebates that can offset the cost of your installation. Additionally, you’ll save time, as you won’t have to wait for them to get to your home. They’re already in town!

Put Together a List of Candidates

Once you’ve decided to either hire a local or national company you can start putting together a list of candidates. This can be as many or as few as you’d like, but you’ll want to have at least three picked out. When deciding on who should make it onto your list, use reviews from sources like Google, Facebook, or Top Rated Local®. The reviews will give you some insights as to their timeliness, customer service skills, and even the quality of their work.

If you’re not satisfied with the results you’re finding online, you can always ask your friends and neighbors who they used to have their solar panels installed. Similarly, your local government or chamber of commerce might have a list of preferred solar panel companies they know and trust.

Ask For Portfolios and Certifications

A capable solar company will have an expansive portfolio of completed projects, with the testimonials of the customers to back up their work. Once you’ve identified a few solar panel companies, ask them for these materials. This will give you a sense of who they work with, and the scale of the projects they’ve completed.

This is also a good time to ask them about their credentials. The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners is considered by many to be the gold standard for solar panel installation training. Companies with this certificate should quickly jump to the top of your short list of candidate.

Get a Quote and Financing Options

It’s never a bad idea to get a few different quotes from solar panel companies. It allows you to compare prices and options. It’s also a great way to figure out if the company handles things like permitting, warranties, and even rebates and tax incentives.

Before agreeing to a quote, however, ask the solar panel company about their financing options. While incentives can greatly offset the cost of a new array, it is still an expensive endeavor.

Of course, you can skip all of this work simply by working with Gardner Energy. We are a leading solar panel company in Utah, offering both commercial and residential solar panel installations. Contact us today for your free quote!