Solar panel installation is becoming more and more popular across Utah, as people in Salt Lake, to Ogden, to West Haven, and everyone in between is taking advantage of the benefits that solar power offers their homes and businesses. Part of developing a solar panel system for your building is selecting the right battery to store your energy, and distribute it when it’s needed. As Salt Lake’s leading solar panel installation firm, we’ve worked with a variety of solar battery systems, and know them well. In today’s blog, we’ll cover a few of your battery options that might be best for your solar panel system.

A Bevy Of Batteries

There are several batteries to choose from for your new solar panel installation. In general, batteries are made from one of three materials, and each has its pros and cons.

Lead-Acid Batteries

The most proven, and one of the first batteries used in solar power systems. These batteries have been in use for decades because of their low cost, these batteries are great for those who need a lot of storage capacity. However, they have a relatively short lifespan compared to other batteries that are available.

Lithium Ion Batteries

For the most part, many solar batteries that are now being incorporated into home solar panel installations are utilizing lithium ion components and parts. These batteries are much lighter and slimmer than other solar battery systems. Lithium-ion batteries have a significantly longer lifespan than lead-acid battery alternatives, but that comes with a substantially higher price tag.

Saltwater Batteries

A relatively new technology in the solar panel installation field, saltwater batteries have a host of advantages that the other battery options do not have. Notably, saltwater batteries do not use any heavy metals in their construction. This makes it easy to recycle saltwater batteries when they inevitable no longer work. They are more affordable than lithium ion, but because they are so new, they are considered an unproven technology.

So Which Battery Is Best For You?

This is a difficult question to answer without any specific details about your home or business, your estimated power usage, and other factors. You’ll want to have an understanding of how much power you use, as well as your suspected future energy needs. You’ll also need to consider how much space you can commit to storing batteries in your home. The easiest way to determine which battery is best for you is to discuss it with a solar panel specialist.

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