Electing to have solar panels installed on your home is a big decision. If you read our blog on the things you need to keep in mind before you install your solar panels, and believe that your roof is a good fit, you’re likely eager to set up your new array and start saving money and being more eco-friendly. You might so inspired, that you might think about carrying out the solar panel installation on your own. We applaud your can-do attitude, but it might not be the best idea. In today’s blog, Alternative Energy Services will discuss the reasons behind why you shouldn’t install your own solar panels.

Materials Are More Expensive Than You Realize

When you get a cost estimate from a professional solar panel company, and your first reaction is to raise your eyebrows in surprise at the cost of the materials, you’ll be even more surprised when you see the costs of those same materials if you were to buy them on your own. Plus, for that higher price, you likely aren’t getting a higher quality product. Often, the solar panels you find at home improvement stores are made from cheaper materials and parts that won’t last as long, and won’t provide you as much energy. Professional solar panel installation companies can offer better quality products at better prices.

Finding The Right Position For Your Solar Panels Is Difficult

Given that it is so sunny for so much of the year in Utah, many of us don’t bother to think about which parts of our home are getting the most sun. But the fact is, there are some angles at which your roof gets the most sun. Unless you have the specialized equipment needed to take readings and measurements, you’ll be reduced to simply guessing where you should put your solar panels. You might get lucky, or you might not, and then you’ll end up hiring a professional solar panel installation company to reposition your solar panels for you.

Electric Work Can Be Dangerous

As much as we’d like it if solar panel technology was as simple as “plug it in and walk away,” it’s a lot more complicated than that. Installing your solar panels involves the arduous task of installing new wiring for the panels themselves, and then patching them into your home’s existing electrical system. This is risky for a lot of reasons. If you fail to turn off the power to part of your home before you wire it in, you might be electrocuted. Similarly, if you don’t hook up your panels correctly, you might cause a power surge the first time you turn on your solar array. This could lead to a blown inverter or even an electrical fire. Unless you’re an experienced electrician, there is a lot that could go wrong when trying to do the electric work needed to install your solar panels.

You Don’t Have The Benefit Of A Warranty

While ideally, you’ll never have to take advantage of your solar panels warranty, should you have to, installing your own array might void the warranty. Many companies are particular about who installs the panels, the materials used to install them, and how and when they were installed. Likely, unless you were aware of the warranty’s parameters before you installed the panels, you voided the warranty in some small way. When you work with a solar panel installation firm, you can ensure that not only will the parts and materials will be warrantied, but likely the labor will be too.

You Might Be Missing Out On Tax Incentives

This is one of the biggest motivators for homeowners. Both the State and Federal governments offer tax incentives that can make the cost of installing and owning solar panels almost negligible. But if you don’t use a professional installer, you might not be aware of all of the incentives that you’re entitled to. A professional will make you aware of additional rebates from manufacturers and even incentives from the city and local governments that can help offset the cost of your solar panel installation.

Ultimately, by hiring a team of solar panel installers, you’re saving yourself time, money, and hassle. Contact the solar panel installation experts at Gardner Energy Services today to transform your Salt Lake City home today!