A conditional use permit was issued in February that outlines operational requirements for Utah’s first utility-scale commercial solar field. 1,754 acres of land was leased from Utah School and Instititutional Trust Land Administration to build a 300 megawatt solar field.

Utah Solar 1 plans to tap into the Intermountain project switchyard, where a high-voltage transmission line, the Southern Transmission System, goes directly to Adelanto, Calif. The project will be considered an in-state or in-state equivalent for meeting California’s renewable energy standard of 33 percent because the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is the “balancing” authority at the Millard County switchyard. Read more >

This is a great push for an already growing solar community. A megawatt of power is said to produce power forapproximately 1000 homes at the rate of consumption. Utah has great solar potential and this solar plant is just the beginning for Utah solar.