Net metering is a necessary step in getting your solar panels tied into the grid. As Utah’s top solar installer we try to make this process as easy as possible for our customers. And the state itself has helped in the processes. With a quick application and a building inspection you are set to get your meter changed.

Many states should be commended for having good policies in place, but four in particular, aka the “head of the class” states, lead the nation. California, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Utah (surprisingly) received top grades in both net metering and interconnection policy.

Many of you may wonder what a net meter is. A net meter measures the difference between the electricity used by the customer and the electricity generated by your solar panels. In Utah, you get full value for the energy that you produce. Meaning you can offset your cost partial or all the way. Even a small system can make a difference on your budget and the environment.

America is just now starting its transition to a clean economy. Renewables, and solar energy, in particular, are becoming a real part of a distributed generation power system that moves toward grid freedom away from a traditional infrastructure of centralized fossil fuel generation and hundreds of miles of inefficient transmission lines. With nearly 20 best practices listed for states to emulate, the path forward is clear.

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The cost of solar has dropped and become more affordable. That paired with state and federal incentives it is within grasp for most people. Find info on your state and federal rebate.